• The Best Experts for Air Purification in Greater Springfield IL

    Do you worry about the indoor air quality in your home? If so, it’s time you called a local HVAC professional that can help with air purification products and services. At Weidner Refrigeration, Inc., we provide air quality services to customers in the Greater Springfield, IL area and all surrounding communities. As a family-owned business, we know it’s important to monitor the indoor air quality of your home to ensure the health and well-being of your family. With that in mind, we have been trusted for over 40 years throughout central Illinois to help you improve the quality of air inside your home. Call for details or read more below about our services.

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  • Air Filtration Systems

     When it comes to air filtration, your first line of defense is your air filter. These are utilized in almost every type of HVAC system, and they filter out harmful particulates including hair, dander, dust and other debris. Its vital that your home is utilizing the correct type of air filter for your system. There are two main types of filters.

    • HEPA Filters – These are high-efficiency filters that remove even the tiniest of particles from the air. However,  if used in the wrong system, it could clog the system, causing problems for your unit.
    • Basic Filters – These are standard, low-cost filters that are more suited for removing large particles from the air like hair and dust. However, they offer better airflow and are better for the overall efficiency of most systems.
  • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

     There’s more than just the temperature that can make your home a comfortable or uncomfortable place to be. Humidity control products help you control how much moisture is in the air inside of your home. A humidifier is utilized during the winter when homes are plagued by dry, cold air that causes sickness and exacerbates respiratory problems. A dehumidifier can be used in the summer when the humidity causes sweating and general discomfort.

  • Eliminating Indoor Air Pollutions

    According to the EPA, indoor air can be polluted up to 100 times more than outdoor air. You can’t take indoor air quality for granted. Protect your family, your pets and yourself with indoor air quality services from the pros at Weidner! Your efficient HVAC system can control temperatures and moisture levels, but given that homes nowadays are built to be airtight, your indoor air pollution could be worse than you think. Ventilation, often a word forgotten in the acronym HVAC, is just as important, and opening windows doesn’t suffice. We advise you to improve your ventilation with a bathroom or kitchen ventilation system where a majority of stale air is exhausted. Have your air quality tested from time to time, you may be surprised. Start incorporating house plants for their ability to absorb harmful air pollutants. Call your friends at Weidner for quality air purification services and let us make your indoor air as fresh as outside.